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This is the Jordan officially entered the China 20th anniversary. In May 10th, Jordan brand officially announced that Guo Ailun and China basketball players signed. This is the first China and Asian athletes Jordan brand has ever signed, the two sides will work together to fulfill the brand long-term commitment to the development of basketball in China, will transfer to the great pursuit and love of basketball to a new generation of young people. Jordan-Brand-Signs-Chinese-Basketball-Player-Guo-Ailun-2.jpg (179.85 KB, download number: 10) download Guo Ailun became the first signing of the brand China star Jordan 2017-5-11 08:57 upload This is the 9e237238-e3a0-447a-a470-4619b9449297.jpg (398.68 KB, download number: 8) download Guo Ailun became the first signing of the brand China star Jordan 2017-5-11 08:57 upload a1710bfe-4a2b-45a3-b891-11f36046e950.jpg (367.78 KB, download number: 8) download Guo Ailun became the first signing of the brand China star Jordan 2017-5-11 08:57 upload Air Jordan 11 cleverly integrated into the patent leather shoes design quickly became the outstanding bright, shining glory beyond ancient flying boots. The new Air Jordan 11 degrees to shine upgrade, cool color symbolizes the extraordinary victory in the arena this summer. Golden paint leather symbol of the highest honor the global arena coveted. At the bottom of the shoes with blue transparent outsole, and cleverly integrated into the black elements. item: 528895-103 AIR-JORDAN-11-RETRO-LOW-WHITE-METALLIC-GOLD-MAIN.jpg (63.61 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Metallic Gold 2016-8-21 09:22 upload AIR-JORDAN-11-RETRO-LOW-WHITE-METALLIC-GOLD-TOP.jpg (97.22 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Metallic Gold 2016-8-21 09:22 upload AIR-JORDAN-11-RETRO-LOW-WHITE-METALLIC-GOLD-HEEL.jpg (63.78 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Metallic Gold 2016-8-21 09:22 uploa jordans on sale online d AIR-JORDAN-11-RETRO-LOW-WHITE-METALLIC-GOLD-MEDIAL.jpg (45.92 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Metallic Gold 2016-8-21 09:22 upload AIR-JORDAN-11-RETRO-LOW-WHITE-METALLIC-GOLD-DETAIL.jpg (78.89 KB, Download 0for patients with Alzheimer's disease families, what is most worried about the situation? Of course the elderly lost. according to foreign media reports, U.S. manufacturers for Alzheimer's disease patients developed the world's first built-in tracking system for shoes, let the patient did not resist the case of shoes. The with a mini GPS system of shoes priced at two hundred pounds (equivalent to approximately HK $2500), and the general appearance of shoes is. Tracking and positioning system is embedded in the heel, so that family members of patients or caregivers can be downloaded to the intelligent mobile phone or through the computer software, the continuous monitoring of patient location. Users can also set up a "safe" range, range when wearing shoes were set away from the location, the shoes will start the alarm. shoes produced by the specialized micro tracking equipment GTX company and Aetrex footwear manufacturers joint research and development, it is the world's first designed for Alzheimer's disease patients shoes. Positioning shoes project consultant, George Mason University health and School of public service? "Andrew Karl said, positioning shoes not only can protect the patient, avoid embarrassment frequently, but also greatly reduce the patients because the costs for the lost. "The early Alzheimer's disease patients is particularly important, because they lost the highest risk, they may be missing a few days just hanging out." Carle also said that there are other GPS products on the market can choose, but for patients is not practical, because patients who do not understand things off, so the GPS system must be hidden, positioning shoes do this, let the patient be positioned in the hid cheap air jordans den in the unconscious the family will be at ease. GTX, chief executive of Delie Bai Bai Fontana said the intent of micro GPS system used to locate shoes are sports shoes designed for runners in, but the experiment showed that this kind of shoe is very suitable for use in patients with Alzheimer's disease, so the company changed the original intention. The first batch of 30 thousand positioning shoes have been introduced in the United States at the end of October, interested parties can go to the official website to buy. due to the problem of aging population, Alzheimer's disease can not be overlooked. Statistics show that currently the UK 500 thousand patients, and the number of patients in the United States more than 5 million people. (Editor: afnhk)In 2004, Nike SB launched a series of Baicheng City, which contains the following the white SB Dunk Low, and its minimalist design techniques created by the classic style won the recognition of many shoes. This time, Nike SB will be a new copy of the paragraph, the shoe body is still made of pure white throughout, with presents by the rubber outsole, in order to improve the wearing comfort, but also deliberately choose to create small sheepskin lining, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 304292-110 tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-2.jpg (290.24 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-3.jpg (371.25 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-4.jpg (253.78 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown-1.jpg (178.32 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tokyo-nike-sb-dunk-low-white-medium-gum-brown.jpg (172.49 KB, download number: 0) download Nike SB D air jordan 11 space jam for sale unk Low Tokyo 2015-5-27 09:18 upload tok0In fact, this season's playoffs Bryant boots as early as a month ago had exposed a spy, the only black gold that came only this one color. But with the gradually approaching the playoffs, another color Zoom Kobe VII shoes playoffs - Platinum models also finally exposed. In this Bryant's playoff boots design, upper part of the Zoom Kobe VI uses a similar pattern of hexagonal scales, but after re-shaping so that it looks like a snake scales, so Whether black or white models models have it very aggressive. Perhaps this is also reflected in the Kobe Bryant Black Mamba nickname. The built-in full palm Zoom Air cushion is enough to ensure cushioning and comfort, coupled with coupled with exclusive shoebox, and once again proved the special status of the shoe. It is reported that the shoe will be officially landed major counter by the end of April, priced at about 1,999 yuan. Source: freshnessmagExposed earlier this double Nike Air Max Penny 1 DB its release date has been postponed, as the DB X Nike shoes in a series, this book will be officially on sale tomorrow in the US, but the shoes have been postponed to Dec. 6 sale, though the reason is unclear, but better late than not. This pair with the 49ers inspired design shoes once appeared would receive widespread attention, when conditional friends may wish to look it. Air Jordan 7 "Hare" available information exposed 2015-03-15 12:39:01 much we loved this pair Air Jordan 7 "Hare", we have conducted a number of reports for everyone, has finally exposed the sale of its final message, the shoes made of high quality leather to create a whole, while the details of playful color use, the perfect embodiment of the "Bugs Bunny" atmosphere, the brand will Nike Air Logo blessing on top of the insole, but also accompanied by Bugs Bunny theme cards. Shoes will be fully available for sale May 16, priced at $ 190, number 304775-125, interested friends will be sure cheap foamposites not to miss it. & nbsp; Puma Suede Creeper new color to be on sale 2015-09-18 14:35:10 Puma Suede Creeper officially on sale in the black and white color, has won the attention of the influx of people around the world today, bringing a new brand on the two color shoes for us. Black Khaki and Khaki, shoes in terms of materials and design details, and there is no difference, just different colors on. The first color in the United States official website instantly sold out, Rihanna's appeal is really shocking! I wonder if this can be compared with two color it? & nbsp; The World Of DJ Clark Kent 2013-12-08 23:38:21 The US trip, I am honored to be invited Clark to expand the home interview. Clark open their hearts to tell their own past Brooklyn, likewise, we also have the opportunity to be able to see up close those unique style shoes treasures of the world. In the face of today's generation changes shoes circle and Brooklyn, but in the end it all for Clark what it means? remember that "Size & middot; Size" DJ Clark Kent once the interview was conducted in 2009, Time flies, this time in the past five years, with Clark closely related to people and things has undergone enormous changes. As a representative figure diehard Brooklyn and Brooklyn, Clark witnessed the Brooklyn Dodgers in the following re-own professional team, likewise witness a billion-dollar Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn, sprung; Jay-Z, then fifteen years old and Clark phase Meet, also from the Hip-Hop music industry representative figure for the entire United States of America climbed symbolic legend, however, if there was no extra mile to help Clark, Jay-Z will probably not be given Chuiai music, and his career would not like the world until the altar; when it comes to "sneakers" topic - the focus of this when we talk about Clark's McCain, in the past five years Clark who interpretation of breakthrough and beyond. Undoubtedly, initially only jordans on sale mens the collections of shoes as a hobby, he did not expect to be able today as costumes Colorful general brilliance wins, also did not imagine that they can prosper by virtue of shoes nowadays achievement event. parallel with Clark sitting on stone steps in front of his house, listening to his understanding of the Hip-Hop shoes reading his philosophy, this is Clark Kent really proud of! Although I am a diehard Brooklyn, but I'm not Brooklyn Nets fans, after all, after all they are from New Jersey teams. The feelings of Brooklyn a loose washed blue jeans, a top embroidered with blue Dodgers baseball cap figure 42, a Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson white home jersey, of course, and a pair of clean pure white Air Force 1, at this moment, DJ Clark Kent and I sat on the parallel steps in front of his residence. Clark typical style dress style, but this dress make him look at least ten years younger than it is now. Rodolfo Franklin, aka DJ Clark Kent, was born in Panama, came to Brooklyn with his family after the Crown Heights, for Clark, the Brooklyn seems to mean everything. Based on the impact uncle, where he started his DJ career in music; also in this place, he was creating a character with those exceptional brilliance and a miracle, the more important is that he gains his happiness - deep in love with his wife and children. Clark interview was arranged before the National Day of the United States one day, when every corner of New York City are filled with a rich and festive holiday atmosphere, white and blue stars and stripes everywhere, as if to each visitors from afar telling the history of this young nation. Since Barack Obama became the first black president in US history, for all African-Americans, after the National Day each have been given extraordinary significance. On Brooklyn terms, on the occasion of the revival of the plains rise also already with the Barclays Center and drastically expanded. Since 1957 Retro jordans for sale Brooklyn Dodgers moved to California will play at home, the whole Brooklyn zombie like being hollowed out soul, pride and self-esteem fleeting. In nearly a half-century of time, Brooklyn was a decline in the status of the living environment of straight, even now there are luxurious, majestic Barclays Center proudly stands in the center, they can not hide the chaos of the street, overgrown brick plant. Zhu vicissitudes vertical red brick tile is not in a short time become Manhattan priceless luxury suites. Everything still takes time. In addition to the camera, voice recorder and a Mac Pro these essential goods, a top army green camouflage Brooklyn Nets SnapPack, a pair designed by the Clark "Borough Pack" of the Air Force 1, " Brooklyn "is my interview with Clark Kent as the first line of well-dressed, in addition, I have two specially prepared for him" Size & middot; Size "Nike 1 last year to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Air Force and the production of Air Force 1 special. Clark's residence is located in the city of Brooklyn, subway is not direct, but also need to change the bus load times. In fact, Clark placed a burden entirely decent apartment in Lower Manhattan, but here is Brooklyn, maybe leave this place, Clark would not have to re-create as "Brooklyn's Finest" as melody, black film on the hands turntable nor It will be like before rubbing the cool scratching sound, just as the Dodgers, once they left, they lost everything. However, a few days ago in an interview with Clark, Brooklyn occurred throughout the summer the most explosive of the transaction, the Nets not only keep the Williams and Lopez, along with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Terry came to this city, for a time, as the Brooklyn Nets last season as the initial attract all the spotlight. When I was suppose if Clark will be like in Jay-Z's Brooklyn Nets promo "Road To Brooklyn" to lead the Nets as one of the new players know and enjoy the elegance of B jordan 3 katrina 2018 rooklyn when, Clark paused my answer thoughts: "I think it very clear that my position, they come to me, I have no sense of Knicks fans, even though I was a diehard Brooklyn, but I'm not Brooklyn Nets fans, after all, they are. after all, the team from New Jersey. When they moved to Brooklyn, it should be a complete replacement for the team name, which is the correct way to re-establish a fan base, but unfortunately, they did not do so. Seattle Super Sonic team moved to Oklahoma City after the team changed its name to Oklahoma City, where they established a very large and strong fan base, this is a good precedent, but the Nets came Brooklyn This highlights the fact that it makes the commercialization of everything, of course, they will get the care and support of many fans, can hope to win all overnight residents of Brooklyn's heart and loyalty enduring support, it will not work , it makes no sense. "Clark looked his chest," the words Dodgers "(Dodgers), I deeply understand people's minds in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Dodgers team belongs to the past, now it is the future is destined to be yes. Philosophy unique shoes In fact, DJ Clark Kent really understand people basically can be divided into two categories: one is loyal shoes, the other is delve into the history of Hip-Hop hardcore music fan, here the ashes criterion level music fans can definitely not mean you know how many Rappers name, or album to listen too much, these people called rare enough. We mentioned it when Clark and Jay-Z to make at the age of fifteen and became the music business Bole style characters which, just by virtue of this, we can know when Clark himself "I am not a collector," in fact, Sure enough, after all, his music and sneakers culture has quite profound attainments. In the process of cultural development of shoes, if called DJ Clark Kent was a pivotal figure, it is well-deserved. But he has always believed that shoes can have status in the field buy cheap jordans online today, it is "unintentional positive outcomes." A lot of people mistakenly think that DJ Clark Kent is just one pair of Air Force 1 sneakers extreme obsessed collectors, or thought he was just a DJ has the most shoes only, it is not true . Clark described witnessed the Hip-Hop culture and in our eyes, "sneakers culture" prosperity of the whole process so far from the scene of origin. dates back to the seventies, when DJ Kool Herc at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, the instrument, speaker power supply to the street lights, and the record of the Pure musical portion extended until people sounds like when a new record, the crowd around the dancers accompanying instant cool music and deafening volume crazy. From this time, Hip-Hop With this form will spark performances, ignite and spread from Brown Kern area. As we wrote above, to the affected uncle (at the time, Clark's uncle doing together and Kool Herc DJ), Clark catch the Hip-Hop culture, "first Shuttle ", then he is just nine years old, just over two years, Clark has been independently as DJ on the Party, and to participate in the album production. At that time, we were now defined "shoe culture" has not germinate, Clark told me, "At that time, he already has more than ten pairs of shoes." We all know, Clark often stressed that he was not a shoe collector, but he has even even more than other sneakers sneakers collectors? And we can also Clark was nine years to learn the answer. "I grew up just hope becomes unique, so that we stop to look at every day on my body, a loose jeans, a cool tee, one pair of unique shoes, this is my definition of 'fresh' I'm not obsessed with shoes collection, I just wish I could have enough new shoes, so every day I look pretty good. (I'm not addicted to sneakers. I'm addicted to fresh) "Clark said as he used finger to pair the world's only this one pair of Air Force 1 Bespoke "Addicted To Fresh". With this kind of Hip-Hop subculture matures Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale , it sublimate itself purely from artistic expression to combine the entire way of life and art, and has a very unique fashion expression patterns. It is the party started from a small minority of New York's black community, the integration of their own class tooling, sportswear tradition, gradually developed into a complex structure, rich layers of aesthetic systems. When hip-hop of B-Boy performances put on Walt Frazier designed specifically for basketball shoes "PUMA Cylde" enjoy dancing, or if one of both Air Jordan, Ewing sneakers began to appear on the album cover, Run DMC to lead thousands of people in Madison When Square Garden after waving adidas superstar, past merely regarded basketball shoes exclusive product, but now also in Hip-Hop into the great melting pot, "prairie fire" will not stop. For shoes, the last 1980s and 1990s can be considered the golden age of its development, which also shoes to today's prosperity of the King laid a solid foundation. Today, the shoes of that era still dominate the modern social market, sneakerheads frantically obsessed by countless times, taken the trouble to re-engraved the "old guys" who, while Nike and Jordan also became the largest engraved giant. Like FILA, New Balance and Reebok such established companies also expect to be able to rely on the "old guys" who make a comeback. When I asked which brands Clark will make waves in stock and engraved the tide, he gives this answer: "No other brand can shake the status of Nike and Jordan Brand engraved in the market, in fact, in the early before had become a foregone conclusion. Since the 1980s, Nike emphasis on brand investment is far higher than other brands, they invested nearly 90 percent of assets onto the brand, including investments for athletes and packaging, placed in the magazine publicity, they will hire someone to shoot advertising film director, these are the other brands have not practiced move. And now, when other brands aware of jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black the problem and they will blindly follow, too much attention to the brand and Nike's marketing, such a move is not only too late, made them look like a fashion brand company, rather than to sports products as the foundation of the brand "& nbsp;. Proud "no sneakers culture" On as described above deep penetrating insights, so I completely understand the DJ Clark Kent Hip-Hop culture and participation in and influence on the rise of the shoes industry, and his position in sneakers circle is by no means able to assess the Air Force 1 sneakers or staggering number of collections. As for the "no shoes Culture" that said, perhaps only stand this level have drawn courage. In Clark's beliefs, this definition of "shoe culture" does not exist, at least he believes that "all those things about shoes" is not enough to call it "culture." Clark is very serious attitude told me: "I do not think there 'sneakers culture' such claims in this world, I believe in today's society, there are many people like me, that they are keen degree far for shoes higher than other ordinary consumer, but I think it can not be called 'culture', right? What culture? it is necessary to have a certain admiration for legal maintenance or religion, it is the people's survival, the spiritual the pursuit of fashion, but it is not likely to make their own shoes alone survive. If I do not buy a pair of their favorite shoes have long dreamed of or, at most I'll regret, frustration, and nothing more, I will not lost this pair of shoes and made a very tough battle. If we want to define my sneakers areas of modern society in the development of the state, I will use the 'Hype' (wave) of this word, because in my opinion this is a trend, rather than cultural. " this answer seems to subvert our history has been the recognition of the shoes, or at least changed our long-term development of the conclusion of the shoes, to me there must also understand great. However, Clark added said, "you can analyze yourself, why now the degree of concern for the shoes is so deep it? All because of 'Hype'. Most consumers want to buy a pair of shoes, which to a large extent because the others will go to buy it, this is the 'suit', and consumers to create their own wave. Imagine now how many people are simply good or bad in itself because of the shoes to determine its value? If one pair of sneakers Kanye Yi est 'Kanye Yi est' names erased, then you tell me a pair of shoes if they would have had the same degree of concern it? No kidding, this is impossible, we resort to an analogy , said Air blazing ordan be on sale this year? 'Laney', the number of young children in line to buy this shoes before, to understand 'Laney' What the hell? They do not understand that these kids do not know it read on behalf of Jordan through the high school name, but also did not know Jordan was in high school and even college teams are not selected, perhaps they only buy these shoes later, will find out what is 'Laney'. " Although the "no shoes Culture" is Clark's shoes faith, but to "those things about shoes," put on "cultural" label and whether it belongs to a hasty decision? This is indeed worthy of our careful discretion and reflection; or will we fundamentally do not need to draw a conclusion to it, just simply, to enjoy all the shoes give us enough, or happy, or worry, it will be "culture" as a beautifully worded it. For more information, please pay close attention in September Size MagazineLas Vegas "ShoeZeum" 2500 double live 2013-12-08 22:30:27 Jordan wonderful collection of Michael Geller, the number of the world by collectors Guinness world records official certification of the most, he founded the "ShoeZeum" will display his more than 2500 pairs of Nike and Jordan Brand shoes in a similar way to the museum. Recently, the grand opening of ShoeZeum Las Vegas in the United States, let us look at the Geller of how powerful it, Air Jordan Nike and a variety of limited shoes, ordinary people have a proud enough style Geller generally have several pairs, it is really as the acme of perfection.In the BOOST technology blessing shoes popular today, this kind of slow vibration material is not only a functional material, when a pair of shoes joined the BOOST material, virtually also added its trend attributes. This time, adidas for its new shoes Tubular Instinct Boost launched "Vintage White" color, the shoes use sand suede to build uppers, equipped with BOOST material in the bottom, and finally with the color translucent crystal outsole ending. At present, the shoes have been sold, interested friends may wish to act as soon as known as the most luxurious version of Air Jordan 1, Pinnacle series, and its new colors are still in constant refresh. follows the black, white snake, material and Vachetta Tan color, and then a "Brown Croc" version. shoes as a whole to imitate crocodile skin lines appear, details into 24 K gold modified, and then add luxury. Air Jordan 1 PINNACLE "BROWN CROC" color: Palm / gold / black number: 705075-205 release date: October 31st (European offering) offer price: $400 2014 FIFA awards ceremony this morning in Zurich, the most eye-catching FIFA Golden Globe Award by the 29 year old Portuguese superstar C Luo, an absolute advantage to defend the success. 2014 for C Ronaldo extraordinary significance, NIKE introduced a special out of the ordinary Boots - MERCURIAL CR7, to celebrate the third time he won the Golden Globe award. the precious gold boots endowed with unique design, with gold as the main color, in the latter part of the shoe body is decorated with silver. NIKE is also the first to manually place miniature masonry on the CR7 logo at the heel. this is only C, exclusive custom MERCURIAL CR7 will debut the game in the precious gold boots this week, and will be in the mid to late 2 through NIKE.COM exclusive sale. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:NIKENIC]1388651321183_720x450.jpg (107.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-3 10:53 upload New engraved Reebok Rail official debut! Reebok Rail is a 94 year champion "big dog" Robinson's boots, shoes with classic color crafted the first year of the Bucks away, black shoes and purple collocation of decorative details, very classic! This shoe price: $100 item: V54958. 1388651336186_720x450.jpg (102.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-3 10:53 upload 1388651343329_720x450.jpg (107.6 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-3 10:53 upload 00Time: 2009-05-08 16:21 source: Chinese Securities Journal Author: China Securities News: click on the order of 105 session of the Canton Fair closing 7, compared with the last session, the export turnover of US $26 billion 230 million, than last year to reduce the $5 billion 320 million, down 16.9%, the relative decline has narrowed. According to data released by the general assembly, footwear turnover $550 million, an increase of 1.9%. 105th Canton Fair closed on 7, and compared to the previous session, export turnover of $26 billion 230 million, compared with the previous session to reduce $5 billion 320 million, down 16.9%, relative to the previous decline has narrowed. According to data released by the general assembly, footwear turnover $550 million, an increase of 1.9%. (editor in chief: admin)'s first spy photos exposed last month, Jordan Dub Zero will be engraved once again exposed pictures. The shoes are light grey with black and white as well as the North Carolina blue details, the overall style is like the Jordan XX3 Air, North Carolina. No detailed disclosure of information available, we will continue to pay attention to. we made the news, never care about what you do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search DUNKHOME, shoes news anytime, anywhere. source: xclusive23kicks